About Us

I wake up many days and I pinch myself! I am passionate about what I do, excited about my life,  I have found inner peace and purpose. I am living my dream life. I learned to dream big because dreams really do come true. I impact my clients to be passionate about what they do. I encourage them to define “their” success and put a plan into place to achieve it.

It was through my own life process of both accomplishments as well as adversities, that I acquired the tools and strategies to define my own success, set both long term and short term goals and put a plan into place with action steps to achieve it . I developed my skills, acquired experience, and continue to grow and learn daily from everything around me and everyone.

When I am not coaching, I teach, train, present workshops, give  tele-classes, speak at events and ride my horses. I am a published author and continue  writing & working on books. I have coaching courses & programs that yield results and lead my clients to their ultimate success.  My greatest product is what my clients become!

I have a MS in Education, a Business degree, I was an entrepreneur of my own Optical business and I am a Certified Business & Life Coach, Behavior Analyst.  I live in NY and on a small farm on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in Florida.

There are many capable coaches, however I believe the coaching process is a personal one. Therefore, in choosing a coach, it is important that you feel comfortable, admire some of their qualities, share some values and beliefs and enjoy working with them.

I look forward to meeting you and developing a plan for your success. Whether you decide to work with me or someone else, I wish you much happiness and may your reality be better than your dreams. Thanks for visiting my site.