How Balanced are you?

How Balanced are you?

Step with care & great tact, and remember life’s a great balancing act.
Dr. Seuss

I became a Business & Life Coach because I believe who you are & what you do are inseparable. If you are lucky enough to be passionate about what you are doing, you are privileged. It takes self discovery to settle into who we are meant to be. It is a process along a journey, not a decision we ultimately make. If you are like me, it can take the greater part of your life! However, when you are where you are supposed to be, and doing what you truly love, you are the closest to living a Balanced life!

In coaching my clients, I find that many of them feel that they are living a life that is not balanced. They have thoughts and ideas, goals for their life, business & future, but do not feel the peace and significance of a Balanced life. I find that most of the time, it is a matter of simply slowing down to go faster. To stop! Be still. Be quiet with yourself. That is when your inner voice gets to speak. Of course to do this is a practiced skill. It doesn’t just happen. You must practice being balanced every day. Now, you are probably saying, great, another thing to do on my already no time, busy, busy, list of daily things I have to do. But, if not now then when? Why do you want to spend your life trying to catch up with your life? Put a plan into place to have the life you want, live the way you want, right now. Don’t waste another minute. Getting to where you want to be starts with the goal, takes putting a plan into place, strategies need to be used,action steps then must be implemented, and follow up is the make it or break it. So if your goal is to be more balanced in your life, how can you accomplish it? Only you can really answer this question. I can assist you with the steps it will take to get there and be the accountability partner to insure you achieve it. But, only you know what your life needs, lacks, and what desires are in your heart.

I have been practicing Yoga for a number of years. However, in the recent years, I have learned truly how to practice Yoga. Like everything else, it is a process of strategies. It takes action steps, follow up, knowledge, a willingness to change, grow and focus. This is how I develop my practice and my progress. What I have realized , is that Yoga uses many of the same strategies and a similar mindset to my coaching. I tell clients to focus their thoughts in the direction they want their life to move into. To welcome change rather than fear it or resist it. That by letting go of limiting beliefs, they will move gently into where they are suppose to be. These are the practices of Yoga. Of course Yoga is always making reference to Balance. Curiosity about the self, discovery, movement, transformation, journey, and practice. It became clear to me that Yoga is a practice of all of the above, and to move forward, living a balanced life seeking our destiny is a practice of all of the above. Therefore, the way our body, mind and spirit develops and becomes stronger, better, and freer and balanced through practice, our life, both personal & professional also will develop and become stronger, better, and freer and balanced through practice. Setting intentions, following a plan, taking action and following up is the road map to living your definition of a successful life.

I had this conversation with my daughter Grace. We all get busy and loose sight of the goal at times. The vision can become unclear easily if we let it. That is why it is so important to practice making our life better every day in every way. It is not necessary to work so hard at it that you exhaust yourself. However, it is necessary to move through the discomfort to get to the comfort. I designed my life to travel much of the time, and to live in NY & Florida. As I traveled back to Florida and left my NYC life for a bit, I was aware of how quickly overwhelm can enter my life. As much as my life is everything I want it to be, it still is about change, joggling routines,adapting, and most of all balance. Simple daily routines become vastly different. Before I know it, the day is done and I only accomplished some of what I intended putting my Yoga practice on the back burner. Now, there is no reason for this. My life is very similar in both places. I work in both places & have similar practices. Yet, my Yoga always seemed to fall by the waste side in Florida.

I prepared for the change this time, knowing from previous times that I needed to have a plan in place for a smooth transition. I made a request. I asked my daughter to please be my accountability partner in my daily Yoga practice. She was surprised I needed her help, but understood that previously, once returning to Fl, and being away from my City Yoga studio & routine, I did not continue my yoga practice as diligently. This caused me to fall back on my practice, my strength and progress, and most of all, my balance was off. As much as I wanted to continue it, it just never happened.

I learned something interesting through this experience. That wanting sometimes(most of the time) is not enough. That if we are going to do what it is we desire, we need a plan in place. And all of us, even a coach, need an accountability partner to assist in the process. So, my daughter, an avid, practicing Yogi, was just what I needed to succeed with my goal of practicing Yoga in Florida as well as I practice in NY! It is a great feeling to have balance back in my life wherever I happen to be living it.
Namaste, Coach Rose.

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