Coaching Services

Specialist in the  Optical Industry:  As a long time Entrepreneur in the Optical Industry, I work with Regional Managers building sales teams and training them. Companies on expansion & opening new stores. Business owners on how to increase profits & dominate the industry with current market place strategies, team building, training, and sales techniques. Based on the specifics of the business, together we design a specific program for you .  I have a proven process to move your business to the highest level.

Business Coaching Services:  I evaluate businesses to run more efficiently and teach strategies to increase profits, improve decision making,implementation of employee engagement, development of leadership skills, organizational management, customer experience, selling effectiveness, and define goals that lead to results.   This allows clients to continue to grow their business & create balance in their life.

Women Entrepreneurs: Re-entering the work force as  independent business owners on their terms.  I work with women through a process of self-awareness, and encourage them  to discover life purpose, balance & achieve success in work & life now instead of some day.

Career Coaching Services: Loving what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Deciding what that is takes research and discovery. I explore fields of interest and match clients by testing out fields, so they can make the best choice and pursue a marketable career they are passionate about.

Incubator Business:  I work with young and new Entrepreneurs on setting up their new business.  I design a plan that is a clear road map of strategies, tactics and goals to get them off to a great start!  We cover writing a Business Plan, Marketing Strategies, Financing, and Branding. Ask for our special Incubator pricing.

B2B Coaching:  I work with companies on ‘Best Practices”.  With the use of current market information & strategic techniques, we put a plan in place to increase overall effectiveness in production, performance and increased revenue, resulting in more profits & cash flow.

DISC ASSESSMENT: The Science of Self, a 30+year science, is being used more than ever to accurately assess & use the information to be Pro Active in achieving desired results. As a Behavior Analyst, I work with individuals, business owners, & teams to develop strategies based on specific needs. It is a complete system from job Bench marking, matching the right candidate, training and performance appraisal. This process accurately will
* Hiring the right Candidate.
* Building a Better TEAM.
* Develop  Leaders.
* Provide the skills to Close more Sales.
* Point out Strengths & Weaknesses.
* Design a Personal Development Plan.
… And much more.

Divorce Effects Business:   I know first hand how devastating divorce is.  I know how difficult it is to make decisions when we are in that emotional and physical condition .  Divorce  effects not only you, but your innocent children, confused family,divided friends & yes your business. Coaching will help you to stay focused & make better decisions more quickly while finding peace, balance and move forward on a new and exciting path that leads to a fulfilled and happy life.

Need a Workshop Presented? ABO Certified Speaker;  Topics include:

  • Effective Ways to Up- Sell
  • Current Market Place
  • Stress, What is it Good For?
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Customer Exceptional Experience
  • Leadership Skills & Team Building
  •  Effective Communicating
  • RON-Return on Networking
  • The Psychology of Selling, Hiring & Management

Workshop Presenter / Event Speaker:  Choose a topic you would like me to present for you.

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