Get Over…Overwhelm!

Get Over…Overwhelm!

When we create peace & balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives. Louise Hay

Start living Your ideal life today. If not now… when?
The Hats in my Closet. I have been writing about being overwhelmed, blogging, and it has turned into a movement. There will be a book in the next few months, using the analogy of Hats in our Overwhelmed lives. A step by step guide on how to stop overwhelming and how to start living! Why hats? I am a fashion girl at heart, but I also know that it creates just the visual for my clients or anyone who wants to read the guide and start making necessary changes. First, to inventory their lives to evaluate what is working and what is not working. Second, to take the necessary steps to make a change.
Join the movement…follow us on Social Media, and comment so we can make this interactive and YOU can get results! This will be a continuing Blog with some questions & strategies on how to “Get Over Overwhelm!”
The closet represents life….the hats our roles & choices.

Hats change, do you? Are you wearing the wrong Hat? Many times in life we find ourselves in a situation, relationship, or career that is just not right for us. Are you choosing the hats you wear in your life? Do you find yourself wearing a hat because it is easier than having to take it off and perhaps mess up your hair? Are you one of the people that never changes your hat because you have settled in right where you are? These questions will help you begin to inventory your life, your choices, and how to re-structure the activities you do to have more peace and balance.

Too many Hats? Often we get caught up in what I call “Multitask Syndrome”. It is when you build momentum in doing too much, too fast and too often. The more hats we wear, the more hats we pile on. This goes on and on sometimes for years before it all comes tumbling down. Take a good look at the amount of hats you wear all at one time and start eliminating! A good way to do less is to delegate. Yes delegate. You do not have to be all things to all people. Whether it is your career, personal life or business, with the right leadership and training, you can delegate many tasks successfully.

What Hats are you Wearing? In this series, there will be 10 questions that will help you to inventory your hats and change them without messing up your hair!

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or at this Blog. If you really want to make this your Best year yet, participate in this movement. It is “Free” coaching so no more excuses! Here are the first 3 Questions:

1. What is your morning ritual?____________________________________________________
_______________________________________________________What can you change about your ritual so it serves you better?___________________________________________________________

2. You can only do 3 things today, what are they?

3. What is the most important task for today? _____________________________________________________

Your turn, let us know what you think. Participate in this movement and watch the results you will get. Finally put the action steps into place to make 2015 the Best Year Ever!

Best, your friend, Coach Rose.