Have You Caught Your Business?


Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.

Tony Robbins

Have You Caught Your Business?

How did this happen?  This was not the plan.  This certainly was not the dream.  When was the last time you had enough time, some quite time to sit and think what was the dream?  The dream you had when you made the decision to become an entrepreneur?   More likely than not, we find ourselves caught up on the hamster wheel of business, which is contagious and becomes the hamster wheel of life.  I am sure many of you can relate to this.  We get so busy in our business that we absolutely have no time to work on our business and having a life is not an option.  With all of the changes in how we do business with social media, internet marketing, plus trying to keep up with employee development, advertising, customer relationships, on and on and on….we become hamsters on the wheel.  We are running and running in what becomes a circle and with the momentum we keep building, as we go faster and faster, around and around, we can’t stop.

Here are some questions to ask yourself in determining what being in business really means to you:

  1.  Do you find that you work long hours and feel like not enough is ever getting done?
  2.  Have you skipped taking a vacation in so long you don’t recognize yourself in the last vacation photos?
  3. Is your greatest fear that if you take some well-deserved time off there will be no business to come back to?
  4. Are you constantly marketing for new customers?
  5. Do you go through more employees than socks?
  6. Are you exhausted from networking with little to no results?

I think you get the idea.  Business as usual is certainly no more.  There is a new momentum to being in business and as we all go round and round trying to keep up with all the new buzz words, media frenzies, ads, and offers, we fall captive to the hamster wheel of business. I personally have run enough time in my life on that wheel when I was running my Optical business, so I know how encompassing it can be.

Do you feel like you are not getting enough done?  Some days you don’t know where to start?    Is your business at a plateau? No matter how much you feel like you are doing, you cannot see improvement.    Does it seem like you are always training new employees?  Is there a lack of leadership within your management?   Have your loyal customers become less loyal?

When was the last time you surveyed to see what it was that your customers wanted?  If we continue running after our business in each of those categories, we are not making the time to work on our business.  The time it takes to become successful in each of the categories when you are chasing your business instead of working to improve it, leaves little to no time for anything else or to actually accomplish success in business.

So, what is the answer?  Well, to begin with, you must center yourself, sit quietly, yes quietly and put everything else aside.  When we take the time to listen to our own voice, we can get an understanding of what we actually want.  That may sound simple, but it is anything but.  Each and every entrepreneur has his/her own definition of success.  It is an individual, specific desire that is inside of us and is the aspiration for why we went into business in the first place, the dream!  Realizing what that is, will be your first step in moving forward in your business.  Then, based on what those aspirations and goals are, you can begin to develop your own road map.  With a plan in place you will implement new ideas that are specific and sustainable to your business.  Now, instead of running on the wheel of exhausting all of my energy, going in circles,   you can begin to move forward.

By incorporating this information with your goals, you can plan and facilitate the changes that are taking place in the market place and your business, so that they make sense.    Then, by aligning the changing market place with your vision for your business, you can implement achievable goals that are time measured and secured by accountability.  What I know that I know, is that it is your specific desire, your dream, the vision for your success in business and in life that will drive your goals, design your road map, and move your business to the next level! Good luck, Your Coach Rose.