Butterfly Coaching Guides

These Guides were designed so everyone who wanted to achieve goals, feel success, and experience transformation can by  using a simple, effective coaching guide. You, your business, staff or practice cannot afford not to learn this valuable information and soar into 2016!

Here is a list of the Coaching Guides available for your Success:

  • Cup O’ Coach – a brief  guide to start your day.
  • Strategies 4 Success – a guide with real time strategies to achieve your desires.
  • Small Changes; Big Results-a step by step guide to changing your life.
  • Having the Edge- a guide specific to a successful Optical Practice.
  • Master Marketing Content Mapping- a guide that will help you map your marketing.
  • Getting Over Overwhelm- a guide to shedding  the stuff that steals your joy.
  • Are you on the Same Page?- a guide to manual writing for your business & staff.

Cost $29.99 each Special Summit Discount         Regular Price $59.99