Business Growth Lessons

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Using proven strategies will help you improve your business. Give your business the unfair advantage when you become an elite member of Rose DeNaro Business & Life Coaching today!

I have designed this program for business owners based on current market place issues, questions and feedback from several industries. As we know, businesses today face many challenges and to be unique we have to mesh together strategies and skills that stand out to create a successful business.

But what are the skills and strategies that we can develop and are necessary to take well-developed products and services to closing a sale, to bring in new customers, to keep loyal customers, and engage employees as powerful team players?

The combination of strategic and tactical techniques are powerful in today’s market place. It
was through my own experiences in my optical business, that I saw first-hand how this partnership was not only effective, but necessary to succeed, flourish, and has triumphed over the test of time to sustainability.

Today, the implementation of these strategies holds even truer as competitors are a click away and the market place is changing quickly. Businesses need to have a winning formula and this is yours!

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Business Growth Lessons


  • What is Unique about your Business?
  • Marketing & how you convey your UCD
  • Importance of UCD & Your Customer

1 Day Business Plan
A business plan is a tool for you to explore alternative paths to achieving your goals.

  • Do I need a business plan?
  • What are the key elements of a plan?
  • How do I identify who are most likely to become my customers?

Brand Development & Marketing

  • Why & how to use Branding?
  • The difference in tactical and strategic marketing
  • How to best target your ideal customer

Management & Leadership

  • How to create a culture
  • Development of quality relationships
  • Communicating your business

Employee Engagement

  • How to motivate your staff
  • Your staff interactions with customers
  • Creating a culture of excellence

Time Management Tools

  • How to use your time more effectively
  • Keeping a schedule
  • Balancing Life

Values Lesson

  • Identifying your values
  • How your values tie into your business model
  • Using your values to grow your brand

Clarity Lesson

  • How to clarify your values
  • How to align your values with your vision
  • Clarity leads to commitment