Thumbs Up!

Latest Testimonials:

” Coach Rose was referred to me by several Optical industry associates.  After working with her I know why.  She is cutting edge on implementation of processes, HR, employee engagement & has written numerous manuals & trained my staff to really understand the importance of Exceptional Customer Service.  I enjoy working with her and see a tremendous difference in my bottom line”

Andre Rebini, Expert Eyecare, Bronx

“I am the Entrepreneur of a successful Optical practice. My business grew quickly and by the time I had 3 stores things were getting out of control. After working with Coach Rose, I have a strong foundation for profitable growth. She has implemented systems and procedures in each of my stores that I can mirror for future growth. With her expertise, I will open a 4th store by the end of the year! She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I plan on continuing our work together on new projects that I would not have been able to achieve before coaching.”

Michael Andrews, VIP Eyecare Optometry, NY


“We wanted to grow our already successful business, but had reached a plateau!  Coach Rose was referred to us.   Coaching with her has grown our business on every level…Branding, marketing, employees and efficiency. Our Income has increased 30%.  We also have balance back in our personal life!  It has been a great experience this past year, and we are continuing into a second year.”

Paula Gasparino, Gladiator Construction, FL


“Coach Rose is always available….no matter what time of day!  I enjoy having her to bounce ideas off of and I like knowing I am working with a female entrepreneur.   She is supportive and encouraging, you soon realize she really believes in you.  You will feel at ease knowing that she has ‘been there, done that’ , and is coaching from experience.  She has a special gift to help you to succeed!”

Lisa Vodola, M.Ed,  Preschool Readers, FL


“Coaching with Coach Rose was an awesome experience!   She is an intelligent, down to earth, business woman.  Her knowledge and expertise culminates a life of aspirations, goal setting, and action steps that lead to success.   She is motivated and passionate about her coaching which enables her to truly make a difference in people’s lives.   I believe her unique coaching ability is a gift she will use to enhance the life and businesses of many.”

Mandie Littell, Author, NH


“Rose has a wealth of information and ideas that assisted me in the marketing and expansion of my business.  Most importantly, she helped me to clearly define my next steps in achieving my goals.  In our weekly sessions, she kept me accountable for following through.  It is easy to get lost or overwhelmed when making any major change.  Rose encouraged me to continue to move forward in positive, productive ways. I really enjoyed our time together. She is a very  effective coach.”

Ellen West, Fitness Trainer, Hawaii


“I enjoyed  coaching  with Coach Rose.  I was at a point in my life that I wanted to make a career change, but I didn’t know how to go about it.  After coaching with Rose, she easily and effectively opened up possibilities for me I had not thought of for myself.    She guided me through the process of making  a career change.  Rose encouraged me to discover talents and desires I was not aware of.  She was supportive while testing out the field to be sure it was right for me.  Then , she  helped me put a plan into place so that I could be successful.   The result was an easy transition that made me passionate about my new life purpose.  I am forever grateful!”

Thomas Plunkett, Event Planner, FL


“Coach Rose and I were Entrepreneurs together of an Optical Practice.  I could see from the start that she was creative and talented.  She implemented strategies for employee hiring, training, and retention.   Her leadership and management skills are impeccable.    The sales development techniques and profitability through patient satisfaction and customer relations are her strengths.  What we created together, I have continued to keep going strong.   The business vision and goals that were implemented were followed by clearly defined action steps .  I always look forward to coaching with Rose as she is fun to work with and has  an infusion of new ideas  and techniques to continue to grow my business!”

Jamie DeNaro, Optician, JamieRose Eyeware,  NY