What are you Thankful for?

What are you Thankful for?

When you learn, teach…..when you get, give.  Maya Angelou.

The holiday season has begun and we can’t avoid reading, hearing and seeing all kinds of references to Gratitude.   I sat down to reflect on exactly what that meant to me as another year comes to an end. I had a deeper understanding of it in my life.  As I thought, I scrolled through messages from friends, family, business associates and clients, all of whom I am very thankful for.  I came across an email  that caught my attention.  The greeting was simply “What I am Thankful for”.  He continued with a short list of the following:

1.  My family and friends.

2. Being healthy and safe.

3. Living and working in a great community.

4. Being successful in my personal and professional life.

A small  list, but a big meaning.  It affected me in a deep way.  Each of us have everything on the list already.  I don’t know if we actually realize that we do, or appreciate each of them as they  are currently in our life.  After all, the power to have those things is within each of us. The only difference is what we choose to do with each of the things on the list.  
How many times do we really appreciate the family we have for who they are and who they aspire to be?  The role they play in our life and how we interact with them.  
The friends that we spend our time with and how important they are to us.  What is going on in their lives and how we can possibly make an impact, however so small, to perhaps help them in some way.  
Our health, the way we look, feel and what we are able to do.  How do we treat our bodies, what do we eat, how often do we exercise? Are we grateful for our body, the shelter for our soul?  
The safety we enjoy in our own  home, neighborhood, environment we live and play in.   The community we live and work in, the people we get to serve, the people who serve us, the relationships we build along the way.  
Lastly, being thankful and having much gratitude for success in our personal life and professional life.  Sometimes we loose sight of how successful we really are.  In our personal life, we often see the things that we don’t feel so good about.  We focus on the adversity, rather then the opportunity it brings for growth and the lessons taught that stretch us to be better.
 What I know that I know, it is important to have  balance in our personal life and professional life because they are inseparable.  Having the ability to realize our own meaning of success and to quiet ourselves often so that we can revel in the really good feelings that are there for the taking.
I wish for you this holiday season, that you quiet yourself often, to listen to the soft voice within, to define your successes because we all have them, to begin to design the life that will passionately lead you to your own destiny.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, email me questions, and May your Reality be Better than your Dreams, Coach Rose.