What Language Do You Speak?

What Language Do You Speak?

The most important things in life are the connections you make with others. Tom Ford

We live in a very busy world, full of all kinds of stimulus. We live our lives, moving about, perhaps challenging our selves, working hard, working less, trying to stay healthy, taking on a hobby, eliminating a sport, joggling & balancing within the environment we choose to live. How much of what we do is predictable? How much of what we do is random? How many of our actions are innately characteristic? Therefore, how many of our actions can we adapt in such a way to yield a desired result? Too many questions? Well, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a nameless man sat on a rock. He sat contently and began to watch the people that passed by. As he sat and watched, he noticed that although each of the people looked different, they shared many similarities in how they acted. Just by watching, he could see that some people were very talkative and friendly, while others were all about business. Some people talked more than they listened, while others just listened.

He got an idea! If I can be more like the people I want to know, maybe I can really build a relationship with them. So he jotted down all the similarities and found 4 ways people acted.

1. Some people were forceful, direct, and results oriented.
2. Some people were fun, optimistic, and talkative.
3. Some were steady, patient, and relaxed.
4. Some were precise, accurate, and detail oriented.

He also realized that many people had characteristics of more than one of the behaviors. However, one was always the strongest. He then thought if I can adapt my behavior to complement a specific behavior of one of the people I would like to connect with, our communication will become much more effective! Soon after people began to seek him out. He became a well-respected citizen of the community and prominent leader. He realized that a man who can understand people is in great demand. This all came about because he took the time to watch people.

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