As The Year Ends….

As The Year Ends….

Change is the Only Constant in Life!

New Year’s Resolution,Start,Stop,Constitution,Intentions,Course of Action!!! Really?
Why is it that we put so much pressure on ourselves every December? What is it about ending the year and beginning a new one, that puts us in a position of wanting to make major changes in our life? Hard edges, absolutes, out with the old and in with the new, doesn’t work in my opinion. I never state a “Resolution” for the New Year. I believe we are on a journey in our life and everyday we follow a path. We are a work in progress. Why set a huge intention and set yourself up to fail? Is it realistic to think that in 24 little hours, Dec 31st to January 1st, we can become a different person? Or that by making a resolution to become something, change something, give up something or start something, is going to happen just because it is a New Year! Setting a hard fast resolution is a sure fire way to fail.

What is the goal of the resolution? As a coach, I believe in setting goals and aspiring to change…but I believe it is a process. I also know that it’s not about being wrong or doing something that is bad, but rather about growth, learning, building on a foundation, and making better choices because of our experiences. I know it takes time to figure out what we want. I know that we become who we aspire to be by living life everyday. I know that merely saying we are going to make a change, is not an effective plan. After numerous conversations with clients, I think most people put too much pressure on themselves to make a drastic change. They too abruptly try to do something because they stated a resolution. Why is it that society encourages us to throw away rather than build upon? Our lives are about lessons learned. We can’t expect to be, we can only expect to become. Change, in my definition, is simply about becoming better, stronger, more empowered, happier, healthier, gaining knowledge, and ultimately who we aspire to be.

Adversity, valleys, lows, whatever you refer to the difficult times as, are really what allow us to take true stock in ourselves. To understand where we are, who we are for that moment, and what direction we want to move into in order to become the human being that we aspire to be. Change will occur, we can count on that. It does daily whether we know it or not or like it or not. Whether we choose it or it chooses us. All of us to a different degree are creatures of habit. Therefore, we don’t welcome changes. That is why trying to make a major change because it is a New Year, doesn’t work. So, even with the best intentions, change is a process and once we understand that, we can take steps to make small changes that will progress into big results down the road.

There are several steps to successfully moving forward into a New Year. I do not agree with all the hard fast “Resolution” talk out there this time of the year. However, I can make suggestions based on my experience and my own daily practices to ease into a New Year with goals, a plan in place and some aspirations to work toward accomplishing. And let’s not forget about Dreams! I say this all the time, I am a natural Dreamer. No, really, I am Italian and so I am predisposed to the “Dreamer” gene. And I love it! I believe in order to stretch ones self into our future, into growing and learning and figuring out who we are, allowing ourselves to Dream is a very important part of the plan. So, even though my steps are going to sound very different from what you are hearing and reading this time of the year about “Resolutions”, they work for me and I know they will make your experience more fun and less stressful.

Ok ,step one Dream, some really big dreams about your life, your career, your relationships, your health, your wealth, and anything else you feel like dreaming about.

Step 2. Set some Goals. Think about what is do-a-ble immediately (6-12 months), in the short term (1-3 years) ,and long term (3-5 years). Put some good stuff on your goals list. Don’t have limiting belief’s. Skies the limit here, after all they are your dreams. And remember, Dreams really do come true. The difference between a dream and a wish is a plan.

Therefore, Step 3 is to put a Plan in place to accomplish your goals. Take the action steps that are necessary to move your plan forward.

The next Step is Follow up. You must have good follow up to get to where you want to go. Make sure that you are following up on your plans because if not, they have no movement. Momentum is important to the process of moving forward.

Finally, don’t be afraid to Re-Design the plan. As you are moving through this process, on the day to day path your life is on, pay attention to the details and alter the plan as it feels comfortable for you. I have designed my life and when I make changes in the plan, I say I am re-designing my life! Remember, this is your life, you are the artist and you and only you get to choose the palette of colors you are going to use to paint your Masterpiece!

I wish for you to continue on your journey in life because life is about the journey, not a destination. That you take small steps, one at a time, instead of giant steps that may make you discouraged and cause you to quit before you realize your successes. And lastly, that you enjoy a peaceful & happy year….with health, laughter, and most of all, believe in yourself!

Your turn, let me know what you think.
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Best, Coach Rose.